A Guide to Practicing Mindfulness with Your Kids 4

Mindful Activities for Kids

Mindful activities for kids

Teaching mindfulness to kids allows them to focus on the task at hand, manage stress, and control their emotions. There are a couple of individual and group activities that parents and caregivers can use to teach mindfulness to children. 

Individual Activities
There are various individual activities that can help kids learn awareness and self-regulation skills. They include:

Mindful Observations
Mindful observations help kids to focus on what they can see around them. As a result, their concentration skills improve. To enhance observation, use objects and breathing buddies, and ask your child to describe what they see.

According to Dr. Christy Barongan, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and provider with Grow Therapy, simple activities can do the trick. 

“You can have the child take out an orange and examine the outside of it, noticing things like the shape of it, texture, inconsistencies in color, how heavy it is, and to describe what they notice,” says Barongan.

“Don’t stop there. Next, have the child throw the orange up in the air and catch it a few times, see if it bounces, throw it to someone else, and describe what they notice. Then have the child peel it and notice how the orange and peel looks and smells and describe it. Have them bite into it and notice how it tastes, the texture of it, if it’s juicy or dry, if it’s stringy. Have them take a bite out of the orange and chew it 20 times before swallowing it, describing the experience of eating it slowly. Process with them what thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations they felt during the exercise.”

This is just a single example. You can come up with other related activities each time to create varied learning experiences. 

Mindful Listening
Mindful listening allows your kids to pause and listen to their surroundings. So, put them in a comfortable, relaxed position with their eyes closed and let them listen to sounds around them. Also, encourage them to listen to the sounds of their breath, heartbeat, and muscles.

Bubble Blowing
Bubble blowing helps to clear your kid’s mind and helps them breathe deeply. Additionally, it allows your kids to interact with and anticipate others. As kids take deep breaths to blow bubbles, it helps calm their nervous system.

Showing Appreciation
Showing appreciation teaches your kids to be happy with what they have in life. It allows them to concentrate on the positive.

Muscle Relaxation
With muscle practice, kids can understand when their bodies are relaxed or tense. It can also boost their concentration skills and relieve stress.

Group Activities

The following are fun group ways to teach mindfulness to kids:
  • Kid’s yoga provides relaxation that helps to improve memory and reduce stress
  • Rainbow walks help kids develop concentration skills and be aware of their surroundings
  • Freeze dancing improves a child’s organization and interpretation skills
  • Nature walks improve your kid’s sensory memory
  • Fidget toys enhance the ability to learn and focus
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