Teen Health

  • Recreation destinations with access for people with disabilities

    18 Hudson Valley parklands recommended by the DEC

    New York campgrounds, educational centers and other facilities offer many recreational opportunities for people with disabilities (and the rest of us), including camping, picnicking, fishing and nature viewing. read more »
  • Is Netflix the ultimate parenting support tool?

    NIH linked one of the Netflix shows to an increase in suicides.

    The insidious way Netflix has replaced you as a parent is most evident in the newest season of 13 Reasons Why, a series featuring a girl who commits suicide.With Covid-19 dominating the landscape, this is probably the least favorite show for teens to watch read more »
  • Body image concerns are not just a girl issue

    Teen boys are at risk for using severe tactics to lose weight or bulk up for sports

    These days with families isolating together, there may be more opportunities to observe your teens and have open conversations about their health without judgement. read more »
  • Get UP and Go! Help Improve Your Teens Mental Health

    Add music or walking to the daily routine and you will see a difference

    While some children may enjoy the time off from going to school and other responsibilities, it may not be the best thing for their mental health. read more »
  • Wellness program provides tools for healing

    Journal-writing, music and guides can help all of us manage personal challenges

    Wellness program helps teens and families cope with personal challenges. Hudson Valley Community College is sponsoring a Wednesday's Words of Wellness. Each section offers worksheets and best advice on how to approach problems that may be overwhelming you. read more »
  • HVP healthy families

    Stay healthy with top advice for women, teens, and kids

    Articles and guides on health and wellness topics for women, teens, and kids read more »