Teen Health

  • Tech for struggling teens

    Mental health help from new tech tools

    As the pandemic adds to stress, depression, and other mental health problems, teens can turn to these apps and websites for help. read more »
  • Talking to kids about race

    How non-black parents can promote racial awareness in their children

    White privilege is largely unconscious for non-black people, but it affects how they behave in the world from an early age. Parents who promote awareness of racial issues in their children are contributing to building a just society. read more »
  • Human trafficking happens even in upstate New York

    Recent cases reveal the danger to young people, especially women

    In August, a suspect in a Hudson Valley sex trafficking case was accused of witness tampering from jail, and over three dozen children were rescued in a series of Georgia trafficking arrests. read more »
  • Learn the signs of human trafficking

    Reporting your suspicions may save a life

    Even in New York State, young people with unstable living situations are victimized by pimps and gangs. Many are afraid to even try to escape. read more »
  • Know the signs of hard drug use

    Fentanyl deaths have become a health emergency

    While the opioid epidemic has taken a back seat to the coronavirus pandemic, deaths from drug abuse, particularly of fentanyl, have increased since the quarantine began. Parents have a vital role to play in diagnosing and treating drug abuse. read more »
  • Teacher's insider tip for wearing face masks

    Georgia teacher Angie Madden posted a short video on Facebook revealing her $13 find

    Georgia teacher Angie Madden posted a video on Facebook showing her $13 find of a plastic bracket that fits under your mask. It allows you to speak easily and she claims it is comfortable enough to wear all day. read more »