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Renegades summer funYou can hit a HOMERUN this summer!
'Tag a Friend' to win tickets to see the Hudson Valley Renegades at The Dutch this season.
Any game!
Any number of tix!
& any friends you want to join you!**

*Both you and your friends MUST fill out the form and tag each other to win.

Help create the most extensive list of parent recommended lawyers and share recommendations of those people that have helped you or your loved ones.
Your favorite lawyers will be published in the September 2018 magazine.


When it comes to choosing someone you trust with your family's health, parents are picky...and have every right to be! We know how it feels to hunt for the best healthcare professionals for you so when you come across an awesome doc, let us know!

What you'll win:
-Exclusive use of a private suite for 15 people
-Customizable catered menu including snacks, apps, dinner, dessert & drinks
-Air conditioned interior and outdoor balcony style seating
-Suite service staff to keep your group happy throughout the game
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Calling All Proud Parents...

Does your child face struggles with a smile?
Are they ready to try new things, even if they are scary?
Do they face their fears and conquer them?
What you'll win:
- A featured article in an upcoming issue of HVParent
- A magazine photoshoot by professional photographer, Mike Bloom

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Sponsored by: Children's Medical Group

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