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Hike Olana and Cool Tips  Adventures of Abby Girl

Hike Olana and What You SHOULD Do Outdoors

May 18, 2020

Olana State Historic Site in Hudson is an awesome place for a couple reasons. Also, let's follow some awesome ideas about what we should do while outdoors on a hike.

Flynn standing in front of brick wall with a huge smile.  Underestimated Strength

The Fixer

Apr 20, 2020

By nature, by design, in all ways, I am a helper – even my Enneagram says so. I always have been.

8 fun photo activities for kids  Kate Callahan

8 Really Fun Photography Activities for Kids

Apr 15, 2020

Help get your budding little photographer's creative juices flowing with these 8 fun photography activities for kids.

 Ilana's Insights

How to Stay Sane during Quarantine in 4 Simple Steps

Apr 9, 2020

Here are 4 simple steps to keep yourself sane and on track with living your "best" life.

asd, autism, special needs, parenting, mom blog, am writing, special education, early education, early intervention  Sailing The Spectrum

There's No Accomplishment Too Small

Jul 26, 2018

Having a constant visual gives me the motivation I need to keep trying new things with my son, even when it seems like nothing is sinking in.