Healthy Kids

  • The monstrous issue of kids and face masks

    Creative ways to help kids feel comfortable with their face masks

    This mask stuff is not easy. Especially with kids. Kids fidget and often put their fingers on their face or up their nose. Here we are asking them to wear masks that prevent them from doing what comes naturally to them. And not all the masks we provide are as great as those we buy for Halloween. read more »
  • How to find the best babysitter

    Questions that help you get it right from the start

    When looking for a babysitter, writer Dawn Jorgenson suggests eight key questions to ask during the interview. There is nothing wrong with being rigid in your questioning, and thorough in seeking out the answers you want and need. read more »
  • The Fixer

    My journey to finding what's really broken.

    By nature, by design, in all ways, I am a helper – even my Enneagram says so. I always have been. read more »
  • Be A Buddy, Not A Bully

    Kindness Matters

    The idea of inclusivity is a beautiful thing - people of all types of abilities playing together, being accepting/accepted and kind. What is the reality? read more »
  • Why Should You Go Green This March?

    Cerebral Palsy Awareness Matters

    Please join us in the movement! Hey, the Mid-Hudson Bridge is doing it, why can’t you? read more »
  • 10 best finger foods for baby

    The trick is to mix safety with nutrition and interesting tastes

    There’s no reason to stick with baby food only. There are many great finger foods for baby to play with and enjoy! read more »