Healthy Kids

  • A genetic connection to kidney disease

    How APOL1-mediated kidney disease can impact you, your kidneys and your family

    A genetic condition that can cause kidney failure, APOL1-mediated kidney disease (AMKD) represents a group of kidney diseases associated with mutations (changes or variants) in the apolipoprotein L1 (APOL1) genes. read more »
  • Breathe better with asthma, wherever you are

    Manage your triggers

    If you have asthma, you know that symptoms can come on quickly, and then worsen. The things that make them do that are called triggers. An important part of managing asthma is knowing your triggers at home, work, school, or while you’re outdoors. read more »
  • Bring joy back to family meals

    Simplify dinnertime with convenient recipes and digital tools

    While meals savored with loved ones are intended to produce smiles and shared moments, the process of grocery shopping, planning, and cooking has become a chore for many families. Take the first step toward bringing back the joy and magic of making your favorite foods with tools that do the work for you. read more »
  • Spice up weeknights with better-for-you mac and cheese

    Comfort food with a twist

    Macaroni and cheese is a beloved comfort food that’s easy to make during a busy week. With just a few extra ingredients and steps, you can turn boxed mac and cheese into a filling dinner. read more »
  • Go green with home cleaners

    You may already have many of these products on hand

    If you’re among those looking for ways to clean your home while also going green, it may be easier than you think. read more »
  • What parents need to know about climate change and children’s health

    It’s not just speculation

    Excessive heat. Emerging diseases. Severe storms and off-season illnesses. The environmental hazards associated with climate change threaten the physical and mental health of children and families — and can be a source of anxiety. read more »