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Treat common summer skin woes

Tips to avoid and treat irritation, rashes and bites

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In summer you want your skin to look and feel its best. But all that extra exposure introduces more risks of irritation, rashes and bites.

 “If you’re careful and prepared, you can reduce your risk for certain ailments as well as limit your discomfort,” says Dr. Vishakha Gigler, a board certified dermatologist in Encinitas, Ca.

Here’s a handy guide your family can use to avoid and treat skin woes, such as itching and pain, most common in the summer months:

• Prevent sunburn by always applying a high SPF sunblock before sun exposure. If possible, wait 15 minutes before walking outdoors. Don’t forget to reapply after excessive sweating or water exposure.

• If you do get burned, relieve inflammation and redness by applying ice in a milk-soaked face cloth to affected areas for five to 10 minutes.

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• Protect your pucker and treat dry, chapped lips with shea butter or beeswax lip balm with SPF, which moisturize while providing sun protection.

• Drink plenty of cold water to cool down and hydrate your body and skin.

• Mosquitoes dwell in areas near standing water and are attracted to hot skin temperatures. Keep skin cool and eliminate standing water from your yard. Also, be mindful that mosquitoes are most active at dusk.

• Do you live near a wooded area? Are you taking advantage of the season to go hiking or camping? Avoid exposure to poisonous plants by wearing long pants, long shirts and boots, along with a topically applied ivy block barrier cream to prevent getting a poison ivy or oak rash breakout.

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• When prevention fails, adults and children two years and older can treat bug bites and other itchy summer skin flare-ups with a dermatologist- recommended, over-the-counter non-steroid-based topical treatment, such as TriCalm.

A highly effective itch relief gel, TriCalm is five times more effective than hydrocortisone 1% at reducing itch, and does not have side effects like skin thinning and stretch marks.

Summer fun and sun can have its drawbacks, especially where your skin is concerned. For a more comfortable season, be prepared to prevent and treat itches, burns and skin flare-ups.


Article provided by State Point