11 style tips for a bedroom makeover

Lighting and some furniture changes can make all the difference

11 style tips for a bedroom makeover

Once you’ve chosen a style for your newly redecorated bedroom – whether it’s minimalist, Asian-inspired, ultra-chic or elegant – it’s time to consider some basic interior design tips that will work in any room:

  1. Keep lighting subdued. Put bedside lamps or sconces close enough for reading.

  2. Keep the ceiling white to reflect light.

  3. When it comes to the bed, use simple linens. Keep the bold patterns for the walls and steer clear of the bed-in-a-bag where everything matches. An easy, inexpensive fix for dull bedding is using a new duvet cover and matching shams.

  4. Use large pieces of furniture, but use them sparingly. Move the furniture around as well. A new layout will give the room a new feel.

  5. A sleek, wall-mounted headboard will make even the simplest bed look like it came from the pages of a magazine.

  6. Pillows? Too many is not a good thing. They should not take up more than half the bed, so two sets of bed pillows (and throw in a neck roll/bolster pillow) are all you really need.

  7. Get rid of clutter! Remove the television, the exercise equipment, and the piles of laundry. Hide whatever must stay in a decorative basket or behind a screen.

  8. Replace old drawer handles with decorative pulls. This low-cost trick adds style to furniture.

  9. Pull your whole look together to add an area rug, even on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. Make sure the rug is large enough to be under the bed and at least one other piece of furniture since a rug that is too small will make the room seem smaller.

  10. Give your windows a breath of fresh air with a valance. Top solid curtain panels with a patterned valance or vice versa.

  11. Speaking of air, get more oxygen and clean toxins from the room by adding a few houseplants around the room.

Remember, simple is the way to go when it comes to your romantic, relaxing bedroom space.

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