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How to prevent your child from going missing

Possible attempted child abduction in the Hudson Valley reminds parents to teach safety

School bus incident

Cops this week are investigating a report of a child abduction case within the Arlington Central School District in Dutchess County last Friday.

The announcement that Arlington Superintendent sent to families and posted on their Facebook page Friday afternoon reports a man driving an empty school bus that allegedly approached a young student and tried to get her to go onto the bus.

According to the claim, a Titusville student was approached by a yellow bus with wide black stripes and the number 83 on it. The bus also had dark colored tape covering what appeared to be the name of a school district. The bus was empty, besides the driver, and the driver motioned for the child to get on the bus.

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The driver is described as being a man between 5’8 and 5’11” tall, bald and dark skinned.

When the student realized that the bus was different than her regular Arlington school bus, she refused to get on and the bus drove off. The incident was also witnessed by the girl’s mother and sister says Dr. Brendan Lyons, Arlington School Superintendent.

Once the principal learned about the incident on Thursday afternoon, the School Resource Officer was called and Dutchess County Sheriff’s office was notified and is conducting an investigation.

The letter from Arlington suggests using this incident as an opportunity to remind your children about basic safety measures including:

  • Don’t talk to strangers.
  • Don’t go anywhere with someone you don’t know.
  • If a stranger approaches you, seek help immediately.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel you are being followed or something is not right, seek help immediately.
  • Use the buddy system. Avoid walking anywhere alone.
  • Review contact telephone numbers and home safety practices.
  • If a stranger grabs you, do everything you can to stop him or her from pulling you away. Drop to the ground, kick, hit, bite and scream. Do whatever it takes to attract the attention of others who can help you. If someone is dragging you away, scream, “this is not my dad,” or “this is not my mom.”
  • Report any suspicious activity to your school and police department.

Additionally, has further tips for talking to kids about strangers.

  1. Teach them to never accept gifts or candy from strangers.
  2. Never go anywhere with strangers. (Give children luring scenarios such as with cute kittens)
  3. Run away and scream if anyone forces you to leave with them.
  4. Say NO if anything feels uncomfortable or inappropriate. also is a great national resource.