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  • Safety is the number one priority as summertime brings water activities for families

    The importance of water safety from NYDS Dept. of Consumer Protection

    Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer when many families head to swimming pools, beaches and lakes to enjoy the warmer weather. It is critical to follow proper safety protocol near any body of water to prevent accidents. read more »
  • The mini but mighty shamrock-shaped solution for lawn renovation

    Miniclover is drought-tolerant, simple, stunning and sustainable with low-to-no maintenance

    That lush, green lawn most strive for is struggling to survive as our climate experiences “weather whiplash,” meaning abrupt swings in weather conditions from one extreme to another. read more »
  • Upgrading your oasis

    Environmentally sensitive choices are more important than ever

    Picture this: You’ve purchased your home. You’re on the land you’ve dreamt about and you’ve got great ideas to turn your property into the personal oasis you’ve always wanted. read more »
  • 5 ways to upgrade your remote workspace

    Make your designated area more functional

    When temperatures creep up again, it signals time for an annual tradition: spring cleaning. While big projects like windows are hard to overlook, don’t forget smaller areas that need attention, too, such as your home office. read more »
  • Break out brunch favorites for spring celebrations

    Impress your loved ones with these simple and tasty dishes

    Deck your kitchen, dining room or patio with bright decor and fun, festive springtime frills – brunch season is here. Whether your weekend morning meal is shared with that special someone or friends, family and neighbors, warm, sunny days can bring out the best of brunch. read more »
  • Strong, stylish spring home upgrades

    5 renovation projects where brick takes center stage

    Because of its strong performance capabilities, low maintenance and design flexibility, brick is a popular building material choice when looking to improve or refresh your home in time for warm-weather hosting season. read more »