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  • Keep your car safer and on the road longer

    Tips to help you out

    For many families, cars are huge, long-term investments second only to homes. Many are looking for ways to keep their cars on the road longer and make them safer to continue to serve their needs for years to come. read more »
  • 5 easy DIYs to display your love

    Handmade Valentine’s Day decor

    Handmade Valentine’s Day decor is a crafty way to put your love on display. Add a little TLC to your home or share your affection with loved ones by dedicating some time to simple DIY projects that come straight from the heart. read more »
  • Chores to tackle to get your home ready for spring

    A checklist can help you out

    Every home requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it’s living up to its aesthetic and functional best. This checklist can help you create a comfortable home setting for enjoying the warmer months. read more »
  • Tips to assess your furnace and save on heating costs

    What you need to know about your home’s heat source

    Now that cooler weather is here, homeowners are advised to evaluate their furnace to see if it needs to be serviced or replaced. By planning ahead, you can potentially save money on heating bills or dodge a breakdown in the middle of a cold snap. read more »
  • New tax credits increase appeal of heat pumps for homeowners

    More homeowners choosing greener technologies

    More and more people are turning to heat pumps to heat and cool their homes. It is estimated that 18 million American households already use them. With new energy incentives being offered, and more homeowners choosing greener technologies, that number is expected to rise dramatically. read more »
  • How mentoring can help women-led businesses thrive

    Support from peers can make all the difference

    The financial disparities between male and female entrepreneurs are far-reaching. Women-led businesses receive lower valuations, less capital and fewer conventional small business loans than those led by men. Women entrepreneurs also pay themselves less than men and often take the brunt of balancing their family’s needs while growing their business. read more »