WEB EX: Make Your Trip to a Hudson Valley Historic Site a Big Winner

Four tips to keep your children engaged in learning

A staycation in the Hudson Valley is certainly the way to go with gas prices the way they are, but more importantly because our area has a ton of fun things to do and visit.  Our historic sites have staffers who truly do their best to recreate the past, and make a family visit a real winner. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind so your child enjoys their stay at one of our unique historic "must-visit" destinations.

  • Visit the site’s website often and try to establish what the “must-see” exhibits are;
  • Determine those interests more likely to capture your child’s interest. Kids tend to enjoy hands-on activities, crafts, and multimedia exhibits;
  • Have the kids bring small notebooks and colored pencils or crayons so they can record interesting facts and draw pictures of what they’ve seen. The notebook will be a keepsake from the visit; and
  • Consider your children’s limitations and set a reasonable time limit for the visit.

This is certainly not the full list...if you think of other ideas, send them to us at editor@excitingread.com.

Author Dennis L. Pack lives in Elma, NY. Dennis is a freelance writer, whose work has appeared in several publications.