3 benefits of youth bowling leagues

Quinnz Pinz teaches local kids more than bowling skills

quinnz pinz youth bowling program in middletown new york

If you're looking for a fun and challenging program for your child,  consider joining Quinnz Pinz Youth Bowling League! Bowling offers some great benefits for children including:

1. Sportsmanship. Kids learn more than just bowling skills while participating in youth bowling programs. They’ll learn how to win and how to lose with the right attitude. They’ll also build character and self-confidence!

2. Exercise. It’s not easy getting your kids to join you during a yoga session or to run a mile on the treadmill, but your kids will practically beg you to go bowling. What they don’t realize is that throwing a heavy ball repeatedly requires strength and endurance, and you can burn a lot of calories.

3. Team Work. In youth bowling programs, it doesn’t matter if your child gets the highest score, with teammates that are on similar experience levels, the goal becomes to work together as a team.