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Your Obesity May Not Be Your Fault

Factors behind the scenes that may play a role in many of our most serious health problems.

Dr Padma Garvey/Plant-Based Doctor Mom

Your Obesity May Not Be Your Fault

American as well as many people around the world, are getting bigger.   Babies are getting bigger too.  When my mother had me, I was a few ounces shy of 6 pounds.  Believe it or not, that is a normal weight for a human baby. 

I remember being struck by how small President Roosevelt's wheelchair was when I saw it at the Presidential Library years ago.  This trend in increasing sizes started around the 1950s, but really picked up after 1985.  This is not a coincidence.  Granted the consumption of meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, and fat have all increased since the 1950s but other factors are at play here as well.  Since the 1950s, but especially after 1985 there has been an increase in the number of autoimmune disorders, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and anxiety. 

The 1950s was when industrial farming took off and animals for slaughter and dairy were given low, constant doses of antibiotics to fatten them up faster.  Those antibiotics make into our bodies, our water supply, and to our fetuses.  1986 was the year that mad cow disease started to make its way into our evening news.  This resulted from industrial farming practices that fed anything and everything to any and all animals for slaughter and dairy.  Animals were eating things that they were never meant to eat.  For instance, cows and chickens eating corn, and all of them eating each other’s feces and spinal columns. 

When an animal eats a diet it is not suited to eat, one of the first things to happen is that the animal develops stomach and intestinal problems because their gut bugs are altered.  On top of that, pesticides used for feed crops like corn and soy work by drilling holes into the stomachs of pests that destroy the crops.  So animals for slaughter have their gut bugs altered and then their own intestines get holes drilled into them because of the pesticides.  This allows bacteria to enter their blood streams and get into their meat and dairy. 

Now think about what has happened to your food before it even enters your mouth.  It has gotten fatter over the years because of antibiotics.  It has been sickened because improper diets have altered its gut bugs.  Its intestines have holes in it allowing all sorts of allergens and pathogens to enter its blood that should have never done so because of pesticide exposure.  And now you are eating more meat, dairy, oil, sugar, and chemicals than nature ever intended for you to eat.  Everything that has happened to your food because of the use of antibiotics and pesticides can happen to you too.  How else do you explain a human being allergic to a peanut or to wheat?  We have been eating nuts for 200,000 years and wheat for 10,000 years.

There is a reason why taco shells are now made out of chicken.  There is a reason why everything has tons of cheese on it.  There is a reason why meals at fast food restaurants and school lunches are a dollar.  This is cheap food.  It is also not nutritious and dangerous. 

Stick to a whole grain, unprocessed, low-oil, plant-based diet.


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