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Yoga Lunge for Shapely Legs

Crescent Lunge

I have never been a fan of using gym machines for legs. Sure I've done it, but I dreaded it, and they always made my thighs larger than I liked. Until I discovered yoga. In my first ever yoga practice, we did crescent lunge and it literally kicked my butt. Even though I worked out at the gym several days a week and taught many fitness classes, I found the pose difficult to hold. The challenge was on! Since then, Crescent Lunge has become my go-to yoga pose for lower body. It shapes my legs without adding size, and it leaves me feeling strong and supple.

If you find this pose difficult at first, don't worry, it is! Keep at it a little bit every day. You will see and feel a difference in your leg strength and shape. Remember to breathe slowly during the pose and engage your core throughout.

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