Dining Out: Yobos Restaurant in Newburgh

Yobo's fine Asian cuisine; Fine dining for the health nut

Overall: Inside, Yobo feels like an authentic Asian village—not that I saw any free-roaming chickens— but the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant is a welcome change from the sterile, cookie-cutter experience of the average chain restaurant.

I wanted to go somewhere special with my boyfriend, Chris, to celebrate our first anniversary. Bamboo poles, stone fountains and exotic greenery set the tone we wanted for our romantic dinner. The setting was elegant enough for a couple on a special night out and at the same time appropriate for families dining on a weeknight. If your child is a picky eater, be aware that they do not have a standard children’s menu featuring chicken fingers or French fries.

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Appetizers: We ordered kimchi, a traditional Korean spicy chilled cabbage dish, and sweet lotus buns, soft sweet-potato-filled dumplings. As sushi-lovers, we couldn’t resist sharing a spicy yellow-tail maki (yellowtail fish and rice wrapped in seaweed), served on an elegant leaf-shaped dish. The rolls were garnished with a tangy grass and served with fresh pickled ginger and wasabi.

Entrees: Though we tend to go vegetarian, my resolve crumbled in the face of wine-glazed chicken and shrimp tossed with vegetables over spinach noodles.  Chris chose the crispy orange beef with pineapple in a sticky spicy-sweet sauce and perfectly steamed broccoli. With generous portions, enough to take home for another meal, we looked forward to dessert.

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Dessert: Our attentive waiter brought us complimentary cups of a delicious hot tea and showed us a tray of tempting dessert choices, like cheesecakes, chocolate cake, mousses, and ice creams. We agreed on the green tea ice-cream served in a martini glass with a seaweed crisp garnish -- a sweet and refreshing end to a wonderful meal.

Yobo: Fine Asian Cuisine
1297 Rte. 300
Newburgh, NY

Kid-Friendly, Suitable for Date Night

Laura Lamica is a summer intern at Hudson Valley Parent magazine.

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