Worried about this year’s holiday credit card bills?

Bank Smarter in 2017…with a Holiday Club Savings Account!

Imagine debt free shopping for Christmas gifts! Some people think of Holiday Club accounts as an old fashioned notion but we suggest a new point of view, think of it as  it as a SMART option!

It’s a Smart idea
Even those of us who start off the year with great intentions vowing to not use our credit cards for Holiday Spending often lack the discipline to set aside money and come to the end of the year with little to show for our efforts. 

Opening up a Holiday Club savings account is the first step in getting yourself on board with a new plan. 

Old becomes New with great features
Online banking has made being a part of this club even easier!  Once you have it set up, you can transfer funds between accounts. You control how much you set aside and how often you make transfers! Plus if your employer offers direct deposit, you can have a certain amount deposited directly into your Holiday Club Savings Account each and every pay period. Once you make the commitment, most people find they don’t even miss the money they never handle.

A next great step is setting up a direct deposit into your Holiday Club Savings Account!

You can even set a budget for yourself based on last year’s spending to come up with the amount you’ll need to set aside each month. For example, according to a Gallup poll, the average consumer spent $830 last year.  If you start saving November 1st, for the 2017 year, that gives you 12 months to put away $830.  That means you need to put away an average of $69 monthly or about $34.50 a pay period.

Bonus Saving Tip
Turn your loose change into holiday cheer.  Just place a jar or small bowl on your dresser.   Empty your pockets, purse and wallet of change each night and put it in the bowl.  At the end of every month, bring your jar into the branch, dump it in our coin machine and have the change deposited in your Holiday Club Savings Account!  Even just 50 cents of loose change a day turns into a $182 boost to your Christmas gift giving spree!  Every WVFSL branch has coin machines located inside so be sure to take advantage of them!

If you are interested in opening up a Holiday Club savings account, it’s not too late! Stop by any of Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan’s 4 branches and open your account with as little as $10!  Start saving for Christmas 2017 and kiss those credit card bills goodbye!

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