Wi$eMoney Teaches Kids About the Financial World

Board game encourages family fun and teachable moments

Hudson Valley parents can now teach their kids about saving and the financial world while having fun with them at the same time.  

Wi$eMoney is kind of like Monopoly in that it allows players to face real-life situations, plus learn about banking and investing, budgeting and paydays, and financing and credit.

“In light of recent economic conditions, it is even more vital that we engage our youth and families in discussions about good money management,” says Elizabeth Treher, Ph.D., creator of Wi$eMoney, a game that takes place in the “town of financial literacy.”

Players spin the wheel, choose cards that ask questions like “when you start a new job, what tax form must you fill out, and what does it do?” You might get asked a “true/false” query, like “the biggest danger when identities are stolen from adolescents or children is that the crime may not be discovered for years,” and lastly, you may be asked to “name two ways to keep your credit score high.”

Dr. Paul Schwartz addresses teaching kids about financial responsibility.

Dr. Trehor says she spent years testing the game with financial advisors as well as non-experts to make sure the game was not only factual, but easy to learn and fun to play. It’s used in corporate offices as a learning tool, and offered to organizations, like the YMCA, for an evening event for their members.

The game costs around $34.99, and can be ordered at Amazon.com and www.destinagames.com. It comes in Spanish as well.