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Avoid Winter Injuries

Winter safety tips from the professionals

Avoid Winter Injuries

Below freezing temperatures and bomb cyclone storms have created conditions that could present danger to Hudson Valley parents and children. Your kids may be singing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” but healthcare professionals at Middletown Medical know that winter related injuries and illnesses can turn a fun-filled day in the snow to anything but a winter wonderland.

Baby, it's cold outside! You have to warm up your muscles

Dr. Luna Rudin, a doctor with the Middletown Medical practice who specializes in internal medicine, admits that she sees a lot of pulled muscles and back and shoulder strain during this time of year.

She suggests, “Don’t try to remove snow with cold muscles. Warm up as you would before any strenuous activity or workout to avoid strain. I always tell my patients to keep their shovels half full and don’t over-do it.”

While muscle strain is most common and can be quite painful, Dr. Luna-Rudin warns her patients, especially men over the age of 50 (or younger if they are smokers) about the dangers of heart attacks due to over exertion.

“Men often downplay their symptoms and then present a full blown heart attack later on in the emergency room. If your husband is sweating, out of breath and complaining of pain, take them to see a professional,” says the doctor.

Professionals at Middletown Medical urgent care locations have the training and the equipment to handle these issues 24/7. Dr. Luna-Rudin encourages patients to take advantage of their after hour and outpatient services. With convenient locations and around the clock service, there is no excuse to put off a doctors visit if you are truly concerned about your symptoms.

Prevention is key

Parents aren’t the only ones that can get hurt during this season. Dr. Stuart Tashman, pediatrician at Middletown Medical, warns about the dangers of falling on ice.

“Prevention is key,” stresses Dr. Tashman. “Kids should be dressed warmly with layers, scarves, gloves and real boots with rubber soles to avoid slipping. Make sure they do not walk with their hands in their pockets so they can avoid bumping their heads if they do fall. If your child is going to be skiing or snowboarding they must wear a helmet to avoid head injury.”

Sand or kitty litter should be used on driveways and walkways to combat slippery surfaces.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Dr. Tashman says that problems can also occur inside the home. He says, “During really bad weather kids are stuck inside. They have extra energy and get themselves hurt playing too roughly indoors.”

Broken bones or sprains can also be diagnosed at urgent care centers. “Our urgent cares have X-rays, CAT scans and MRI capabilities should anything happen during playtime,” assures the pediatrician.

Winter can be fun for the whole family if proper preventative measures are taken to avoid injury and proper care is taken if injury should occur. Between building snowmen and trips to the ski slopes, make sure your family is warm, dry and enjoys the season safely.

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