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Keep pets cozy in the cold

Follow these cold-weather tips for your furry friends

Pets’ furry coats help protect them from winter’s chill, but frigid weather often requires extra care to keep your pets safe and snug, indoors and out.

Outdoor care
Like everyone else, pets need time to adjust to dropping temperatures. Smaller pets are especially vulnerable to cold-weather ailments, so avoid the outdoors in extreme conditions. When winter’s chill is harsh, play indoor games together like toss-and-catch for fun and exercise or head to an indoor pet facility.

Tender paws are vulnerable to injury from snow and ice, along with road salt and other toxic ice-melting products. Take the time to pamper your pets’ paws with soap, water and a thorough towel-dry after being outside. Also, consider covering your pet’s paws before stepping out, perhaps pet booties or a suitable salve.

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When the weather allows, a brisk outdoor walk in the chilled air can be invigorating fun for you and your pet. Walking in areas lined with trees, shrubs or other barriers can help provide extra protection against cold drafts.

Indoor insights
When running errands with your pet, it may seem smart to keep in your furry friend in your car during dashes in and out of venues. But vehicles don’t hold heat in extreme cold, so it’s better, is to bring your pet inside with you for each trip or to venture out alone. 

It takes extra fuel for bodies to generate needed heat in the winter, so be sure that your pet is well-fed on frosty days, especially when outdoor play has your pet running around through the winter landscape.     

With all that fur covering your pet, it can be easy to forget that the skin hidden underneath it may need extra care against winter’s dryness and flaking. Watch your pet’s water intake, being sure that your furry friend has plenty to drink but go for less time spent in the water by limiting baths. Keep up with usual grooming, as brushing helps overall circulation.

The winter is a great time for pets and their owners to enjoy snowy outdoor fun and the season’s crisp air. Keep your pet safe and happy throughout the year’s frost months by preparing for and attending to his wintertime needs. 

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