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Where to have the “Talk”

Parents let us in on their secrets

best places to talk to your kids about sex

Rachel Schnaegal of New Paltz tells us where her kids heard the facts of life: “My husband felt more comfortable talking to our son while they were sitting for hours waiting for a deer, and I took over with my daughter answering her questions when we were polishing our nails.

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Here are four more scenarios:

1. At bed time when you are saying goodnight and tucking them. It’s a safe bet that they'll feel comfortable opening up to a heart-to- heart discussion on the facts of life.

2. When you’re on a long drive for a couple hours and your pre-teen is a captive audience. It provides plenty of uninterrupted time for the talk and for the slew of questions sure to follow.

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3. Cooking or preparing dinner together on the weekend can open the door for opportunities for sharing thoughts on the subject. 

4. When you’re watching a movie about a big family, your child may wonder how the parents had so many kids, and that can lead into a “birds and the bees” talk naturally.

Carol Falcone Nelson writes frequently for Hudson Valley Parent magazine.