When should I start brushing my child's teeth?

Toothbrushing is one of the most important tasks regarding good oral health and should begin at birth. Starting at birth you should clean out your child's mouth after drinking milk with a wet washcloth, especially prior to bedtime. Once your child's first tooth has appeared you can start using a soft age-appropriate toothbrush twice a day.

What About Flouride?

Prior to age 2 you can use a fluoride-free toothpaste, water or a very tiny "smear" of fluoride toothpaste. Between the ages of 2-5 you can start to use a small pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Remember that young children need to be supervised and assisted in the brushing. Children should spit out and not swallow excessive toothpaste after brushing to prevent fluorosis. If your child is unable to spit out the toothpaste, do not use a fluoride toothpaste without consulting your pediatric dentist. The dentist can then assess your child's cavity risk and determine what toothpaste is best. 

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