What's New - Products we thought you'd like to know about

Things to make our lives a little easier

Here at HV Parent, we receive so many emails and packages about new products to share with you.  Here are a few we thought were fun.

SmartShopper Electronic Grocery List Organizer

Voice-activated device records, categorizes and prints supermarket and errand lists. This very cool gadget uses a “voice recognition technology” to allow users to speak the item they wish to add. Once the list is complete, just print and go! Pre-programmed with 25,000 items. Can save two lists at one time (a baby list and a grocery list for example), designates quantities and flags those you have a coupon for. Magnetic, or can be wall-mounted. Built-in kitchen timer. $79.99, batteries required, and the roll of paper will need replacing. (smartshopperusa.com)

Camp Talk Game

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Since this is our camp guide, why not giveaway a camp game! CampTalk is a convenient set of cards on a ring with questions like “What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?” Now if that isn’t a conversation starter, not sure what is. Includes a push-button flashlight so you can play during “lights out.”

Around $10 at continuumgames.com, or at specialty game retailers.

Cool-Mee Seat Liner

With warmer weather approaching, parents won’t have to contend with sweaty babies after long car and stroller rides, or hand scrubbing crumbs and
unsanitary messes from the seats. Meeno Babies announced a new state-of-the-art safety-tested, CPSIA-approved, machine washable, universal “Cool Mee” seat liner for car-seats, strollers, and bucket seats. For infants and children, age 0-4. Most existing seat liners have numerous problems—they aren’t breathable, they lack sufficient cushioning, stain easily, and only fit one model. But this inventor-Dad sought out a way to address it, and created a breathable, comfortable, washable, portable, non-flammable, hypo-allergenic, and most scientifically-proven liner that allows warm air to escape. $29 to $25. Available at Amazon.com and MeenoBabies.com.

Easy Playhouse

Perfect outdoor play to encourage imagination. As children, we all built home-made forts by putting together sheets, tables, chairs and large boxes to create an imaginary place just for us. Kids can now set up and decorate their own Easy Playhouse when they want to have a place all their own. Made of durable, heavy-duty corrugated cardboard with two doors, four windows and two mailbox slots, an Easy Playhouse is the perfect place for a child to go for hours of entertainment.
Made in the USA from recycled materials, and is safety tested. Check out their site for some great decorating ideas. $39.99. Order online at easyplayhouse.com.