What's New?-Handy Dad

My dad’s toolkit did not go much beyond Scotch Tape and a few choice expletives, so I was forever hanging around Frankie Campbell’s garage trying to figure out how to make a go-cart out of all the various lawn mower and baby carriage wheels tucked away among his dad’s well-equipped work area. Only when his father, a Grumman engineer, finally pitched in did we end up with something roadworthy. Handy Dad looks like a fun family do-it-together book.


The projects are listed in increasing complexity, starting out with paper airplanes and a water-pressurized rocket and ending up with a tree house, a rope bridge, and the coveted go-cart. It’s written by Todd Davis, who is identified on the flap as being an extreme athlete and host of HGTV’s Over Your Head. The book is well-designed and features plenty of photographs and diagrams. Now excuse me while I go build my Heavy Duty Water Balloon Launcher. –MR

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