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7 things parents must look for in an after-school program

Gloria Smith gives us the low down on choosing an after-school program

After-school activities are a great way to keep your kids engaged once the final school bell rings, but how do you decide which after-school program is right for your child? Here are seven things you should look for in an after-school program.

Do you feel that being in this setting will be a happy experience for your child?

2. Do you feel that you will be able to develop a relaxed, sharing relationship with the caregiver?

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3. Is discipline handled in a positive manner?

4. Do you sense that the caregiver feels good about being with children and has a good sense of humor?

5. Are first aid supplies readily available, and does at least one person have a current Red Cross First Aid/CPR certificate?

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6. Is the space arranged so that children can freely select materials according to their own interests and abilities and return them when finished?

7. Is there space for active play and quiet play?

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