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June is Home Safety Month: Get safe for summer

Summer is known as “trauma season” among safety experts and health professionals. Here are some summer safety considerations for parents to review as their family enjoys the warmer weather. For more home safety tips, visit homesafetycouncil.org and our home safety article.

  • If you have a pool or spa, install a fence that is at least five feet high and goes around all four sides. The fence gate should be self closing and self locking. A sliding glass door is not considered a barrier.
  • When children are in or near the water, make sure a grownup is watching them. Do not get distracted by cell phones or conversations, and do not put older children in charge of watching younger children in the pool area.
  • Make sure the area under your child’s playground equipment is covered with a thick layer of appropriate safety material.
  • Keep sidewalks and pathways clear of toys and clutter so you or your child doesn’t trip.
  • To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, never run a barbeque grill in the garage or any other enclosed area of your home.