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WEB EXCLUSIVE! A recipe and a trick from Time Savor Gourmet, Stacey Hawkins

What she does to get her picky eaters!

We asked Stacey Hawkins, one of Hudson Valley Parent's cooking bloggers, and host of Time Savor Gourmet expert on helping parents make sure their kids are eating right.  Read her solution for a picky eater. 

Take them grocery shopping (just a small trip - not during your big shopping trip) and let them pick something NEW out to make; research online how to make it and then get them involved in the process.

For small children, this can be as simple as a new vegetable that they can wash, help you peel & chop and then arrange on a plate with their favorite dip (make that one too!)

For older children, let them actually plan, help you shop for and make the meal.  When you involve children in the process, they're much more likely to try new things.  This is mainly because in a majority of cases, it's not actually about the food, it's about the control.  At the end of the day, that's all any of us want, to be in control of our own environment.  When we don't make "big deals" out of food, kids are more likely to be cooperative.  

Stacey tells us how to get kids more involved in the kitchen.

In my house, we have a "one bite" rule- a real bite, where you need to really taste it.  If you don't like it, you don't like it and that's okay. But, you have to tell WHY you don't like it (and "tasting bad" isn't an acceptable answer – lol.) And, they have to make suggestions for changing it up, to try it another time in a way they think they'll like it.  For example, a toddler may not like broccoli, but may enjoy it with a little fresh grated cheese on top, or like on their favorite mac n' cheese.  Change it up- don't take no for an answer.  Set boundaries and guidelines without being overwhelming- but do

keep them in force by giving up control and letting the picky eater figure out how to solve the problem.

Here's one of my favorite picky eater snacks because it incorporates veggies, preparation techniques, knife skills and healthy eating all in one:


Bagel Faces



2 small size (3" diam)whole grain bagels, plain or toasted, sliced in half

4 tbls. Light Cream Cheese

1 cup veggies, cut up and ready to eat (try radishes, peppers, olives, shredded carrots, etc.)


Spread 1 tbls. of cream cheese over each bagel half.  Arrange veggies on bagel and around the plate to create silly, fun faces, then eat them up! Make sure to share with friends.