4 fun water activities for kids

No pool required

water activities for kids in the hudson valley

Don’t let the heat get in your way of enjoying summer! There are plenty of activities that your children can outdoors, but what better way to enjoy the summer heat than by splashing around in water? Cool down with these fun water activities… No pool required!

1. Soda bottle sprinkler
No lawn sprinkler? Try 2 liter soda bottle instead!  You can make your own sprinkler by making a line of holes, one inch apart, along the length of the bottle on each side with a thumbtack. Stick the garden hose into the opening of the bottle. Tape around the mouth of the bottle to keep the hose in place. Your children will love jumping around this quick and easily made sprinkler!

2. Sponge Balls
Play catch while cooling off with sponge balls! This is super easy to make.  Start by cutting sponges into strips. Once your strips are cut, tie them together in the middle with string or rubber bands. Soak the balls in water and have a ball. Kids can have full-on sponge fights with their friends or can play a game of catch with them.

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3. Water Balloon Piñata
Looking for a fun way to get soaked?  Fill balloons up with water and tie each one to a string and hang from a tree just like a piñata. Have your children take turns swinging a Wiffle ball bat at the water balloons. Your child will love to see these balloons explode! Just make sure to pick up all the balloon shards and dispose of properly. You wouldn’t want neighborhood critters eating balloons by mistake!

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4. Car Wash
This is a perfect opportunity for you to save some cash and for your kids to cool down. Have your child wash your car using the garden hose, bucket, soap and sponge! For smaller kids, a fun alternative is to bring out your child’s plastic toys and have them give their toys a bubble bath.