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Use Coloring to Calm the Chaos

Managing Stress Through Art

Managing Stress Through Art

I think we have a lot to worry about just being parents, but situations like the ones happening in today's world can really drive us into overload. The worry is non-stop, the questions keep coming and then there’s the anger that these are things we even need to worry about. 

I try to keep the news and media coverage away from my kids so they don’t worry. I know they are practicing being safe at school. I want it to stay like that for as long as possible. They don’t need to live in a bubble, but they aren’t old enough to process all of the world’s chaos yet. As of right now I’m the one carrying that stress for them. And that’s OK.

For me, art has always been a tool to manage my stress. Getting lost inside a project helps me disconnect from my worries for a bit and I can engage my energies in something more fruitful. So, this week I changed up our evening routine. The last activity of the night is grabbing our coloring books and crawling into my big bed for a coloring session. We fluff up the pillows, we curl up with a blanket and we color with our pencils. This has been a relaxing and warm way for us to connect and spend time together. It feels like pushing a literal pause button on the chaos of life.

I get to hear all about my children's day, their thoughts and feelings on life. It is really amazing how less muddled I feel when I take the time to de-stress. I’m sure it feels the same for my kids. I especially love that it keeps me off of social media filling my brain with too many details than I can process. I still worry, and I still lie awake at night seeking answers to too many questions. But I look forward to those 30-40 minutes each night to connect with my kids. And it gives me hope.

How do you help your kids connect to their calm? 

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