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Abby Girl Discusses Unique Children's Shopping

Thrift and Boutique Stores around Hudson Valley

Feeling stylish in her vintage hat
Most of her wardrobe cannot be found on any other child around. She also enjoys creating her own, unique style. So how do we do it? We get thrifty.

First, let's talk accessories.  Any boutique or thrift store will have neat pieces that even a three year old can wear: big chunky necklaces, purses, some sunglasses, bracelets, scarves, pins and of course, Abby's favorite, hats. 

boutique and thriftingJust recently, Abby girl had a photo shoot for a local clothing company. They said to bring our own accessories. We went to Surviving Sister's Boutique in Hyde Park, NY and in their small children's section were two vintage hats that fit perfectly. A tan little bucket hat that looked like something a little girl would wear in a Movie like Mary Poppins. For $25, Abby girl left with two awesome finds. This is more than we usually spend on a couple items, however, they are so unique and paired with her photo shoot dress, perfectly. Keep in mind, she is looking to close permanently by the end of April. The shop is for sale. 

As far as clothes, we like to shop at Ben and Gracie's in Poughkeepsie, NY. They also have a shop in Red Hook. We managed to find a like-new pair of timberland boots this winter for five dollars.

We also love the Barn Thrift Shops in Pleasant Valley. They have a children's section on the second floor. They also have a whole small room dedicated to toys and items for kids. Abby got her play kitchen there for under twenty dollars!

Then there is the debate between Goodwill and Salvation Army. Recently, I have been finding the most awesome stuff at Salvation Army on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls, NY. We managed to score an adorable black leotard for dance class since Abby has been on a kick of only wearing black to her class. She is being dramatic! We have found numerous awesome tutus, a dress that is so unique, and the dragon. The dragon, oh the dragon. She wears this on a lot of her adventures, she even pulls a tutu over it. Dinosaur at storeWe have found other stuff including a very warm vest and a picture of two birds that hangs in her bedroom.

Where is Abby girl heading next? Well, we are thinking Simplicity in Poughkeepsie, NY for some "Ooh La La stuff" as she would say. They are a more upscale boutique according to their website. Perfect for our fancier travels!

Lastly, the Be Green Kids Consignment pops up twice a year. There is so much stuff at these events it's insane. New and due mom's get in earlier too!

I could keep going about all the places to shop in the Hudson Valley but I just wanted to highlight a few. If you go to one and don't see anything you like, remember, inventory constantly changes in these places!  It's an adventure unto itself scouring lots of locations for those finds that speak to us and as we know Abby girl loves adventures and loves looking unique on them.

So go get thrifty. What are you waiting for? You are saving money and supporting small local businesses and charities. Win win.  
thrift store leotard
Over at my website, I will have an ongoing list under "my favorite things". Leave a comment with your first name and favorite shop and I will add it to the list! 

Adventures of Abby Girl is all the awesome things my daughter and I experience in the Hudson Valley and beyond completely as it is. You can read more blogs about Adventures of Abby Girl here. Also feel free to follow on Instagram and Facebook or watch videos of all things Abby Girl and Momlife on Youtube. When I'm not writing my blog or shooting crazy videos, I own a local pet photography business in the Hudson Valley-Erica Higgs Photography. Questions, comments or want us to visit and do a write-up about your destination? Contact us!

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