Tween Redesign

A newly designed room

Is your child ready for a new look? Re-doing their bedroom is one way that pre-teens like to reinvent and express themselves.

If you and your tween need more inspiration, here is a recent space that Roberta Wagner designed for a client of hers. The theme was, “Cottage Chic Meets the Beach.” The tween, Mary Auringer of Port Ewen, had a few specific requests: “beachy”, a black, white, and aqua color scheme, large black flowered walls, and a chalkboard wall. The four room design budget was $700.


The Lounge: 

A rice paper and bamboo backdrop was made using $10 panels hung on a curtain rod. A large area rug was made by arranging eight $2 rugs together. Black and white posters of Mary and her friends were hung for $16 apiece. Black flower sticker appliqués for the walls bring out the chic for $30.


The Kitchenette:

Dark cabinets were painted white and then “distressed” (a technique to make new furniture look older using sandpaper), brightening the room. Mary also got her chalkboard wall, which was a big hit with her friends.


The Bath:

The bath was painted with a light aqua paint, and the focal wall was rag rolled with two shades of aqua and white to create the look of water. To make the space feel larger, accent mirrors were used to bring in reflective light.


The Changing Room:

The focal wall was painted white with toffee stripes, giving it the look of a seaside cabana. Three full length mirrors ($5 each) were hung on the stripes. A fabulous old trunk was used as seating. An old dresser and storage bins were brought in for easy access to extra towels and swimsuits.

Mary was excited about her new space and couldn’t wait to share it with friends. It’s fantastic knowing that your not-so-little-but-not-quite-teenagers are safe at home, enjoying their tweenhood.


Roberta Wagner is from Port Ewen and is known by her friends as the Martha Stewart of the Hudson Valley.

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