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Trevor Zoo

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Millbrook is an unlikely place to find lemurs leaping from tree to tree, but down a long, winding road you will find Trevor zoo. It’s a learning zoo, housed in a private high school, and is the only one of its kind in the whole United States. It teaches the public as well as the students at the high school all about conserving the habitats of endangered species. It houses more than 180 exotic and indigenous animals, 9 of which are critically endangered. They also have an on campus veterinary clinic as well as over 6 acres of land to explore.

Walking along the well maintained facilities you will find paved pathways, easily accessible to strollers and walkers of all abilities. The habitats are lush with plants, allowing the animals to be seen in native surroundings. The Asia pathways are lined with tall bamboo and it feels as if you have stepped into another country.

When you first arrive at the zoo, there is a parking area with ample parking. You will follow a clearly marked path, crossing a “billy goat” bridge as my daughter affectionately refers to it. The path meanders along a brook and leads to a large waterfall where river otters jump in and out of the water.   

Entering the gates to the zoo, you will see a large dry erase board that gives the zoo’s daily feeding times. Your children can see them feed the animals and the student volunteers will answer any questions they might have. On the day we went they were feeding the archer fish. These fish shoot water out of their mouths to catch their land-based prey, we got a little wet and my daughter thought it was amazing!

Bring lunch and picnic blanket, there are plenty of places to sit and eat. Benches are all along the walkways and there is plenty of shade on hot days. There is a nominal fee for entrance that is completely not-for-profit, they use all money collected to maintain and upkeep the zoo.   


Adults 6$

Kids 4$                                             

Senior Citizens 4$   

Family Membership (full year) 65$

Scheduled Group Rates 3$/per person

 Tips for visiting the zoo:

  •  Groups are by appointment only and are for non-families of 6 or more, contact the zoo at (845)-677-3704 to reserve a time.
  • They accept cash only for the entrance fee, and the nearest ATM is quite a hike, so make sure to bring cash.
  • They are open, every day of the year 9am to 5pm.
  • The zoo is pretty stroller friendly, and very small so it can easily be walked.


Th There is lots nearby, we make it a day trip. Check out the town of Millbrook which includes a great playground, hip little downtown area and lots of hiking nearby.

LLinks for places nearby:

Great hiking at The Cary Institute.

Gorgeous gardens and hiking trails: Innisfree Gardens

Lots of places to eat, our favorite is the Millbrook Diner, in an old railroad car!

At the end of Main Street in Millbrook playground complete with pirate ships!

After you tire of the playground, within walking distance is Merritt Bookstore that has lots of kids books and a train table.

For more information on the zoo: Trevor Zoo

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Photo above courtesy of Ariana Pavon





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