10 Toy Storage Solutions

De-clutter, Organize and Donate

Toy Storage Solutions

As the holidays end, we are all of a sudden hit in the face with the massive amounts of stuff we have accumulated over the last few months. With the new year as a fresh start and a week off from school, now is the perfect time to get your home back under control.

The toy bins, closets and bedrooms are starting to look like a toy store around here! I have decided to put 'GET ORGANIZED' at the top of my New Year Resolutions list and so I set off to my favorite internet blogs to find some toy organizing inspiration. 

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Bathroom toy storage1) Bath toy storage. With one tub for four people storing bath toys around the tub can be pretty difficult. I love the serene, clutter- free look of a bathroom but with two small children that seems impossible. I am excited to try this tension rod and basket storage solution from blue i style. The neat part is you can easily switch out the toy baskets for rags and sponges making it a storage solution for the whole family.

DIY toy bin2) Toy bin DIY. I see post after post this time of year looking for toy box ideas and when I came across this post I was amazed at how easy, creative and CHEAP this was to make. This creative blogger, The Creative Dominican, took an ordinary Tupperware tote and turned it into a beautiful toy box with just some wrapping paper, fence posts and roping.

Board game wall storage3) Board game storage. Both of my boys have a love of board games so Santa left quite a few under the tree. I just don’t have enough shelf space (and away from little fingers that like to dump things) to store everything. I am LOVING this idea from infarrantlycreative.net.

Stuffed animal zoo4) Stuffed animal zoo. Pinterest is filled with fun ideas for storing stuffed animals from hammocks hung from the ceiling to stuffing bean bag chairs. How cute is this stuffed animal zoo from The Keeper of the Cheerios.

childrens book wall5) Create a library wall. I cannot pass up a book sale or better yet a donation from a friend when it comes to children's book we are busting at the seams. I love the idea of going vertical with the display and creating an awesome library wall! You can use plastic rain gutters found at any home improvement store like seen here. 

Lego storage bin6) Lego storage. We acquired a few small sets for Christmas this year but I can already see all of these little pieces becoming a problem. Spotted this super cute DIY storage container from obseussed.com and fell in love! Not only great for legos, I wonder what else can be made out of these plastic containers for storing little pieces.

Dress up clothes shelf7) Dress up clothes. I do have boys, but we still have quite a collection of dress up costumes, fire hats, tool belts, etc. Re-purposing a small dresser into a dress- up clothes closet like this one from brooklynlimestone.com is genius.

toy car garage8) Car garage. Thinking that if toy organization looks like a toy itself than just maybe they will be more inclined to put their own toys away. I love this toy car garage found on Pinterest (source unknown) made out of either toilet paper rolls or PVC pipes!

Kids craft storage9) Art supplies. I find crayons in sock drawers and markers behind doors. The kids arts and crafts supplies is something that needs a home (for sake of my furniture and sanity). I am loving this idea from 
abowlfulloflemons.net. Everything is stored out of reach of little fingers and out of the way of the rest of the house.

Kids paper art book10) Kids paper clutter. Not toys but I have to include this one because we are halfway through the school year and we have accumulated an artwork/ preschool papers pile that tops Mt. Rushmore. My favorite ideas are a scanned and printed photo book like the one found here on Shutterfly. 

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