HVP Events

  • Indoor Play Spots

    We've picked the best play spots in the Hudson Valley that your family is sure to love!

    Weather can be unexpected and ruin a play date with rain or snow, but with these indoor playgrounds nothing can interrupt the fun and let your children's imaginations run wild! read more »
  • Rock Rift Crevices

    A Gem in Mohonk Preserve

    Rock Rift Crevices loop trail is a great experience. The scramble is like a maze. Read all about it! read more »
  • Free Fishing Days in New York State

    DEC encourages all New Yorkers to explore local fishing opportunities in the state

    DEC's Free Fishing Days in New York State. All New Yorkers Encouraged to Explore Local Fishing Opportunities. This event is the third of four Free Fishing Days offered in New York State every year. read more »
  • Kids STEAM Trail

    Art & Music, Science, Sports & Community

    Join us on September 26, 2020 for an exciting interactive learning exhibition geared towards middle and high school children. Hands-On demonstrations, performances from local STEAM providers, educators and vendors. read more »