After School

  • Pandemic learning’s quandary

    A review of key options for childcare

    No matter how things play out on a state and national basis, we as parents will need get more involved. read more »
  • Video series by a mom: Homeschooling ideas

    Mother of 3 and director of architecture and environmental design for Guidecraft, Lauren Magee, provides advice for other parents suddenly homeschooling

    YouTube video series "Lauren's Learning Lab" addressing the challenges and opportunities for parents who are suddenly homeschooling amid Covid-19 restrictions. read more »
  • Letting kids fail. Is that okay?

    A child’s challenges should be met and not merely dismissed or avoided

    A child of obstacle-free parenting is not allowed to make any mistakes or face any challenges and this can prove to be very difficult later on. read more »
  • Eye-opening projects connect kids with nature

    Outdoor activities foster kids’ creativity, problem-solving and resilience

    Sun tea and fallen log activities open the way for fun and learning read more »
  • Fencing Leads the Way for Women in Sports

    The Olympic Sport of Fencing is a leader in opportunity for women in sports, which in turn gives them more opportunities in life.

    The Olympic sport of fencing boasts as a top scholarship sport in the NCAA. read more »
  • Fencing: A sport for everyone

    Fencing helps students get an edge for college

    In today's competitive climate for college acceptances, people are looking for any possible edge to separate themselves. One of the great secrets is the Olympic sport of fencing which boasts as a top scholarship sport in the NCAA. read more »