After School

  • Fencing: A sport for everyone

    Fencing helps students get an edge for college

    In today's competitive climate for college acceptances, people are looking for any possible edge to separate themselves. One of the great secrets is the Olympic sport of fencing which boasts as a top scholarship sport in the NCAA. read more »
  • Plan for the future with your artistic teen

    Parents share how they support their creative children

    Ways to support your artistic teen. Programs, opportunities and future advice for parents of creative children. read more »
  • Family Adventure Awards

    About      Vote Here      Advertise     Get Involved 01 About Join us for Hudson Valley Parent's 1st Annual Family Adventure Awards! This year, to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are awarding local businesses with the title of BEST Family Adventures in read... read more »
  • Change your child's life with fencing

    Open up a world of opportunities

    14-year-old Ilsa described herself as a lump. That was before she started fencing with The Phoenix Center. Now, she has better grades, is active and has traveled the world with her new exciting passion. Could fencing be right for your child? read more »
  • Me Time: Just for Women

    Personal Development

    Make time for you and learn something new read more »
  • 5 physical activities for kids that hate sports

    If your child really hates sports, there are other ways to keep them physically active

    Keep kids physically active by finding activities they are passionate about. Something as simple as riding their bike can give them the same physical benefits as playing a sport read more »