After School

  • Updated book about our presidents for your kids' review

    Plus free downloadable activity sheets

    Kingfisher Children’s Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers International, LTD, just updated their book on presidents of the United States to include Joe Biden. They also included free activity worksheets you can download.. read more »
  • Public speaking skills help for kids' competition

    4-H invites youth from across the Hudson Valley to expand their skills in the New Year

    Free 4-H event that teaches kids and teens how to become comfortable speaking publicly read more »
  • Take a Virtual Schoolcation!

    Enjoy a virtual trip to Rochester: 5 great museums with online fun for kids

    While many vacations have been put on hold, we know that families are feeling the itch to get away. While a road trip may not be advisable, we have 5 great places where families can enjoy virtual fun and educational options for the kids. read more »
  • Simple crafts to do on a holiday weekend

    Keep the kids entertained with lots of ideas from the HVParent Pinterest board

    116 simple crafts for kids from Hudson Valley Parent's Pinterest board read more »
  • Super Vocabularies = Successful Students

    Guide your child to an ever-expanding vocabulary

    While much of a child’s vocabulary growth occurs naturally through listening to language, hearing stories read aloud, speaking with others and general immersion in the family’s native language, Jan Pierce introduces some simple and fun ways to increase word knowledge. read more »
  • Book Clubs: Not just for grown-ups anymore

    Kids, teens and adults can join in the fun together

    Book clubs are fashionable these days. For those of us who have always had our noses in a book, this is welcome news, but there are excellent reasons for joining book groups that go well beyond following the latest trend. Kids, teens and adults can join in the fun together read more »