• 10 ideas for teaching kids gratitude

    It’s never too early to start

    It's National Gratitude Month- a perfect time to include thankfulness in children. “Please” and “Thank you” are often among our children's first phrases. However, as we get older, we realize that gratitude is more than just saying “thank you.” It’s never too early to start teaching kids gratitude; this is a great time of year! read more »
  • 5 tips to create an at-home study space for students

    Set up the perfect spot for learning at home

    Now that students are in the full swing of the school year, they will need a quiet personal area to study and tackle assignments. From research and writing to cramming for exams, here are five tips to help create an environment that is calm and conducive to learning. read more »
  • Getting kids career ready

    3 strategies to prepare teens for life after school

    For some time, heading to college or joining the workforce have been the standard choices for teens upon high school graduation. Today, in part due to technology and social media, students have access to myriad career paths that are all but traditional. read more »
  • 5 ways to make math part of your kids’ daily lives

    Learning can actually be fun

    Mathematics can feel intimidating to a lot of students, but by making it a part of your child’s daily life, they can have fun with the subject, while beefing up their skills for STEM learning in the classroom. read more »
  • 13 spine-tingling tales for kids who love scary stories

    These books are perfect for your middle-schooler

    ThriftBooks.com, the world’s largest independent seller of secondhand books, has been providing high-quality, affordable books in the community for more than 20 years. With hundreds of categories, there are used books for everyone! As part of its ongoing celebration of the spooky season, ThriftBooks is featuring books for kids who enjoy stories about dark magic and otherworldly creatures. If your young reader relishes hair-raising yarns, ghost stories, and thrilling paranormal mysteries, below are thirteen eerie middle-grade reads to set the mood of the season. read more »
  • High school student starts non-profit and pursues gold award

    Solving problems one stitch at a time

    Gabriella Rado, a Senior at John F. Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School in Somers and an Ambassador Girl Scout, has founded a non-profit organization called Sew Kind and has been teaching children to sew at the Boys and Girls Club in the City of Newburgh during its Saturday night Star Drop-In Program. read more »