Early Education

  • Governor announces dateline for opening schools

    The final decision on how schools open will be announced the first week of August

    At Governor Andrew Cuomo’s news conference on Wednesday, July 8, he announced that the state has set the deadlines for making a final decision on how or if schools will open this fall. He said he will wait until the very last minute to make decisions, and those decision will be based on the numbers they are seeing at that point. read more »
  • What does playing “Red Light, Green Light” Teach?

    Self-Regulation is an important ability for kids to understand and learn

    Those who successfully display self-regulation in their everyday behavior enjoy greater well-being. A study from 2016 showed that adolescents who regularly engage in self-regulatory behavior report greater well-being then their peers, including enhanced life satisfaction, perceived social support, and feeling “good.” read more »
  • Sidewalk poetry with chalk for all of us kids!

    A challenge for the entire family

    Join the Daniel Pierce Library and Sullivan County Poet Laureate Lisa Caloro in this poetry challenge. Write a poem anywhere outside. Take a photo and send it to the library. What fun! read more »
  • Tired of being told to wash your hands?

    The CDC releases its “back to school guidelines”

    Here’s the latest on what Hudson Valley parents need to know as September approaches. The CDC suggests that it is important to create a plan and then take the steps needed to implement that plan. read more »
  • Meet a homeschooling mom. Rebekah Azzarelli of Beacon

    Mom shares an insider view of a local homeschooling co-op

    Meet a mom who started a successful homeschooling cooperative in Beacon. The group currently supports 40 kids from the age of 3-years-old to 15-years-old read more »
  • Country Grove takes 3 important steps to create a healthy environment

    How one child care center is planning for safe summer fun

    Country Grove Children’s Center describes the steps they take to maintain a healthy environment during this Covid-19 epidemic read more »