Early Education

  • STEAM classes for kids from Beacon Institute

    Explore a state park with STEAM and nature-based activities

    Clarkson University's Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries is now offering enrichment programs for Pre-K through 8th-grade homeschool groups at our Dennings Point Water Ecology Center. Each group will explore Dennings Point State Park through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and nature-based learning activities. read more »
  • With quarantining some learning experiences are taking a back seat

    5 benefits of hands-on learning in a tech-crazed world

    Being tied to phones, tablets, and computers takes away from hands-on learning time, which is unfortunate since these types of experiences provide so many critical benefits to children as they grow and develop. read more »
  • Local student’s drawing published in Rowling’s newest book

    34 children's drawings included in The Ickabog

    Early during the pandemic, she released the beginning chapters to kids. She invited children ages 7 to 12 years old to submit illustrations based on the text. She received 42,000 pieces of art from children in the US and Canada from which 34 winners were chosen. read more »
  • Dear Parents, your computer is your quarantine friend

    17 suggested websites you and your kids will love

    The kids are home unexpectedly. There are hours to fill and learning to do. Janice Pierce suggests 17 websites that are great online resources to ensure your kids are busy and happy during this “mini-vacation.” read more »
  • Two words, many solutions

    Focusing on “pre” and “and” can really help

    It may seem like oversimplification, but focusing on the words “pre” and “and” can actually significantly broaden perspective and help read more »
  • Tickle Their Senses. Play dough, slime and more!

    Simple sensory play activities for your kids

    Children instinctively gravitate toward sensory play. As kids do simple sensory play activities, they gain cognitive skills, learn new language, learn social skills, problem solving skills and both fine and gross motor skills read more »