Women's Health

  • Staying safe during summer vacations

    5 tips for traveling with health conditions

    From staycations and road trips to Caribbean getaways and coastal cruises, summertime offers the chance to escape and unwind with a much needed (and deserved) vacation. However, for people living with health conditions like heart disease or stroke, leaving home can pose special challenges. read more »
  • Rethink how you fire up the grill

    Cook up some hearty fruit for a change of pace

    Grilling is popular during the warm months simply for the vast amount of different foods that can be created and devoured, plus you’re outside enjoying the sunshine. read more »
  • How to erase negative self-talk and feel better

    Writing can help

    It’s been four years since the collective trauma of the pandemic created widespread grief, anxiety, and isolation, but the psychological wounds of this period have not fully healed. read more »
  • Almost two-thirds of home fires are due to human error

    Here's how to prepare

    The threat of a home fire is greater than most people think. 40% of people believe they are more likely to win the lottery or get struck by lightning than experience a home fire, yet residential fires are the most common disaster people face in the United States, according to the American Red Cross. read more »
  • Tips to have a safe and healthy summer

    Be sure your family is prepared

    Summer is a great time to try new activities and get outdoors, but the season also brings with it unique risks, according to medical experts. read more »
  • 3 tips for fueling summer adventures

    It's a great time to get the family outdoors

    Summer is the time to get outside and remember the importance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed as a family. Encouraging children at an early age to participate in outdoor exploration can help foster lifelong skills. read more »