Just for Women

  • All rules went out the window

    Use 2020 to plan your creative venture based on your rules

    2020 is the year when all the rules of business were put on their ear. Peter Shankman, a dad and a public relations specialist, suggests using this time to take the bull by the horns and try the unthinkable. read more »
  • Updated: Hudson Valley Farm Markets

    The very best in local, fresh produce

    The time for summer berries is finally upon us! You and your family will love finding and picking your own fresh berries, melons, corn and much more at these Hudson Valley farmers' markets. read more »
  • Rethinking the workout

    Sudden disability teaches a young woman what really matters

    When Sophie Butler went to the gym, she focused on how working out was making her body look. A tragic accident completely changed her approach. She feels what she learned is important for all women. read more »
  • 6 Tips for balancing remote work and full-time parenting

    Will freelancing options better fit your schedule and supplement your income?

    With kids’ irregular school schedule, it is hard to plan for work. Look at Bunny Studio, a platform that offers freelance opportunities based on your schedule. read more »
  • Training for upper body strength

    A simple workout brings you psychological and health benefits

    Strength training is not just for men and not just for the gym. The article reviews a workout women can do at home to enhance upper body strength. read more »
  • How does your diet change when you are pregnant?

    Seven foods you should avoid or modify your intake

    Many of the listings we have included are probably common knowledge, but it is worth a review. And it serves as an introduction to four great recipes by Heidi Murkoff that are included in her just updated popular book What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting, 2nd Edition. read more »