Just for Women

  • Take a rest from stress

    5 strategies to combat stressful triggers

    Stress, the physical or mental response to external causes like overwhelming work assignments or difficult life moments, can add unnecessary pressure to your day to day. While everyone feels stress from time to time, when left untreated or unrecognized, it can begin to wreak havoc in the form of anxiety. read more »
  • Physician is redefining maternal health equity

    Black women and their babies face substantially higher rates of complications and mortality

    Having a baby should be one of the most joyful times in a woman’s life. But for women of color, especially black women, the pregnancy experience frequently also triggers fear and anxiety. read more »
  • 5 women leaders share their best advice with the next generation

    Setting and reaching goals

    Setting and reaching goals is never easy, and if you’re a woman, you will likely face additional challenges on the path to achieving your dreams. read more »
  • Looking for a new career?

    Become a financial planner

    Becoming a financial planner offers both financial rewards and the chance to help others. Whether you’re a recent graduate exploring your career path or a mid-career professional seeking change, this growing profession may be the right fit for you. read more »
  • Keeping pregnant drivers and passengers comfortable and secure in cars

    How the research is progressing

    Pregnant women don’t always feel they are safe and secure in cars today due to seat belts fitting differently on pregnant bodies. Researchers are posing the question, can the status quo be changed? read more »
  • 5 lifestyle changes to help combat incontinence

    Solutions to a common problem

    Sometimes living a healthy lifestyle can feel like an impossible task when combined with all your other responsibilities like working a full-time job, taking care of family and friends or spending time in the gym. Add dealing with an underlying health condition and it may seem almost overwhelming. read more »