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  • 5 physical activities for kids that hate sports

    If your child really hates sports, there are other ways to keep them physically active

    Keep kids physically active by finding activities they are passionate about. Something as simple as riding their bike can give them the same physical benefits as playing a sport read more »
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    6 benefits of physical education

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  • Kids STEAM Trail

    Art, Science & Sports

    Join us on September 22, 2018 for an exciting interactive learning exhibition geared towards middle and high school children. Hands-On demonstrations, performances from local STEAM providers, educators and vendors. read more »
  • Conquer Extreme Obstacles at Bounce!

    So many ways to tire out the kids this week

    Pent up energy in the kids can have you crawling out of your skin this summer. Rainy days? Need a break from the heat? Take them to Bounce! where kids (big ones too, mom & dad!) can run, jump and play hard. read more »
  • Is your child a bad sport?

    4 coaches share the importance of good sportsmanship

    It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game! Coaches and parents weigh in on the importance of teaching young athletes to have good sportsmanship read more »
  • Life lessons learned through music lessons

    Enrich your child with an instrument

    Should your child take music lessons? Parents, teachers and students explain the benefits of music. read more »