Special Needs

  • Healthy Mom’s Guide

    How to survive cold season

    Cold and flu season is in full swing and all around you has begun to sound like a symphony of sniffles and coughs. Moms don’t get sick days, so it is up to you to control the spread of germs and keep yourself healthy and ready for the season ahead. read more »
  • Sensational toys for sensory kids

    6 top toys

    6 top sensory toys. Learn about emotions, get moving and play! Toys that will help children on the spectrum read more »
  • Here's what you need to know about night terrors

    4 coping strategies for dealing with scared children at night

    Having a child with night terrors can be frightning and exhausting but there is hope! There are things you can do to minimize or hopefully eliminate them altogether. Advice from a parent of a chronic night terror child read more »
  • Do you need a lawyer?

    Lawyers provide advice to families with children who have special needs

    Could a lawyer be your best advocate when it comes to your child? Lawyers advise parents of children with special needs on the right time to call an attorney. read more »
  • Learn and create with Antsy Pants

    The perfect STEM toy for children of all abilities

    Build, learn and play with Antsy Pants playhouses. Get your child loving STEM early with this great toy. read more »
  • I am a Hudson Valley Parent: Allison Conti

    Advocating for families with special needs

    Dutchess County mom Allison Conti has always been an advocate for her own family's special needs. Now, she is known as an advocate for other families and stands with those in her community and beyond. read more »