• Early Signs of Autism

    Around 10 months, we knew something wasn’t quite right with Simon’s development. He was meeting his milestones, but just... strangely. read more »
  • Happy Father's Day Joe!

    You know who else works just as hard as me? My husband. Basically what I’m saying is, my husband is the greatest Dad! read more »
  • Recognize and treat migraines and headaches in your child

    June is National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

    Do you know the difference between migraines and headaches? Do you know how to help your child avoid and treat them? Middletown Medical provides parents with the tips they need to help their kids. read more »
  • Meltdown vs. Tantrum

    For parents of children on the spectrum, identifying whether the situation is a tantrum or a meltdown can mean the difference between a fast recovery or an intense and exhausting situation. read more »
  • "I think I'm a boy"

    Local family shares their story as their teen comes out as transgender

    Is your teen struggling with their gender identity? In honor of Pride Month, a local family shares their journey as their teen transitions read more »
  • My Mama Survival Bag

    Like many Mamas with ASD kids (Autism Spectrum Disorder), we’re always looking for ways to help our little ones cope with sensory overload outside of the home. Here’s a few of our survival items. read more »