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  • Local news and updates

    See updates on new services and service changes from local business and services

    Keep on top of how area businesses are providing needed services for you and your family with HVP’s showcase of business and service news. Check back often, as the list is updated frequently. read more »
  • Teaching moms

    Moms who are teachers talk about homeschooling their kids while supporting other people’s children

    Local moms figure out today’s new normal of being being home with their families while accommodating everyone’s work, school and emotional needs. read more »
  • Home gardening go-to

    De-stress and have fun with these home gardening tips!

    Get tips on DIY Zen gardens, gardening with kids and other home gardening topics. read more »
  • Should I be tested? Or not? Mid-Hudson Valley expands testing sites for COVID-19

    Let's take the mystery out of COVID-19 testing.

    There are three types of Covid-19 tests, plus an antibody test to see if you have developed antibodies against the virus. If you suspect you might have contracted COVID-19, connect with your doctor or a local testing site. read more »
  • Social Distancing Makes Some Walkers Angry

    How not to frustrate others as you try to practice social distancing

    When someone hears the term social distancing, there seems to be an immediate reaction. Yes, I had better do this to save my life. Or No, this is a line the government is fostering on us. read more »
  • How do parents know if their childcare center is safe for their child?

    CDC offers guidance for daycare centers that are opening their doors

    Covid-19 has kept both moms and kids home. As our regions begin to open up, parents have safety concerns about being able to send their child to a childcare center. The CDC has created tools that both businesses and parents will find valuable. read more »