5 ways to nix yelling during tantrums

The toddlerpocalyse is near... but you CAN survive!

raising toddlers in the hudson valley

It’s 7 a.m. You’re running late to get out the door, but your toddler won’t get out of her pajamas to get dressed. Your nerves are frazzled and you start shouting. You know it’s not the solution — it just escalates the problem — but you can’t help yourself.

Many of us deal with toddler tantrums by yelling. It allows us to express our anger without resorting to physicality, which all parents know is harmful. You can’t avoid it, tantrums will happen. You’re going to have some tough days with your toddler, but make it a goal (whether it’s a week or a month or year) of no yelling and see how quickly those tantrums fade away.

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5 tips to stop the yelling

Hold yourself publicly accountable. Post your struggles and successes on your Facebook page, or on an Orange Rhino community Facebook page.

Surround yourself with reminders. Purchase orange post-it notes or orange colored items, or even set the timer on your phone to remind you not to yell every 30 minutes.

Resort to silliness. When you feel the urge to yell, start talking jibberish. Dance around. Crab walk.

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Repeat a mantra. Say phrases that keep you calm out loud. Try “Serenity now” or “They are just kids and I love them.”

Let out your emotions in other ways. Cry. Yell into a pillow. Shake out all the anger and tension in your body. Try yoga. Try expressive arts.

This list was compiled from The Orange Rhino Challenge’s “12 Steps to Stop Yelling at Your Kids”