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Tips to keep your teen active in lockdown

Physical activity is more crucial than ever

Tips to keep your teen active in lockdown

Getting your teen to exercise – even a little bit – can dramatically improve their overall sense of wellbeing. Unfortunately, with the Winter of Covid upon us, helping to make that happen is even more of a challenge than it was in, say, midsummer. But, according to the good folks at, this challenge is not as insurmountable as you might think. In fact, the smartphone, on which your teen spends more time than ever, can actually be your accomplice in getting your child to move. Below are some helpful tips.

If you’d told teens in 2019 or early 2020 what the bulk of 2020 would look like, they would probably have thought it sounded great. No structure? No needing to physically go to school? More time to text and Netflix? Awesome. Yet, lack of routine, combined with decreased outdoor-recreation opportunity, alongside dramatically reduced physical contact, is no fun at all. The stories I hear from my friends with teens in Covid-induced isolation are strikingly similar. Even if the teens “attend” school remotely, there’s more texting into the wee hours, even more time spent online, sleep disruptions (too much, too little) and a general malaise sinking in. Except for the ones who still habitually exercise, whether outdoors or with apps.

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The folks at evolvetreatment have covered the stress-reducing benefits of exercise, and now point us to apps to help make that happen.

“These apps offer programs tailored to every fitness level, from beginner to competitive athlete,” they point out. “Your adolescent may be the type that needs reminders, structured goals, and calendars to stay on task. Or, they may prefer a simple app that tracks miles or times their workouts. Whatever the case, there’s an app for that.”

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout





They also tout the benefits of bodyweight workouts, and the old standby, walking. The walking tip reminds me of a family I have seen walking by my house for over a decade. I’ve watched those kids grow up, walking down my street. Yes, even in the pandemic.

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