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Sweltering heat wave takes over the Hudson Valley

5 tips to help you enjoy even the hottest summer days

hudson valley heat wave
A sweltering heat wave has taken over the Hudson Valley! If you are tempted to cower into your home and never leave, keep in mind that it is still summer and we shouldn’t waste any of these beautiful days. We can still enjoy our summer activities in even the hottest weather.

Most importantly, before you take your family out in these extremely hot days, make sure that you are taking safety precautions. This includes staying hydrated, wearing loose clothing, applying sun screen, and taking frequent trips to the shade to rest from the sun.

Don’t let the sun and heat drain your energy and prevent you from having a fun summer day. Check out these tips on how to have a fun time during extremely hot weather!

1.       Go Swimming

Beat the heat by swimming and playing water activities in order to keep the whole family cool and refreshed. Spend some time in your pool and invite some neighbors over for swimming and a BBQ. The water will especially feel nice on a hot day and enjoy some time with your neighborhood friends. Don’t’ have a pool? Play water activities which can also help your family feel refreshed. Fill balloons up with water and play catch, put on the sprinkler and have your family run through it, or have a mini car wash in your garage. If your family is feeling brave, stop by the beach and cool off in the waves. Make sure you bring a lot of sunscreen and a beach umbrella in order to keep your family safe while still having fun.

2.       Bike Rides

Feel the cool breeze as you go on a nice bike ride around the block or at a local park. Protect yourself from the sun and heat by wearing sunglasses and a hat or helmet. Attach a water bottle to the bike or wear a light backpack to carry some water bottles for your family. Family bike rides are also great with scooters! When riding bikes at a local park, check out what else the park has to offer. You might find yourself discovering a waterfall where you can stop by and cool off!

3.       Take Walks

Can’t handle the heat but need to get out of your house? Even a short walk around the block or down the street and back is enough to help you enjoy a beautiful summer day. Try to time your walks during the coolest parts of your day, usually around the morning and evening times. Take a stroll around the neighborhood, a local park, or waterfront to enjoy the outdoors without spending too much time in it. It also helps to stay in the nice and shady parts which can usually be found under the big trees.

4.       Go out for a Cold Treat

What better way to cool off than with a delicious frozen treat? Stop by at your local ice cream parlor for some dessert that your family will love. Have a sundae or try some new and interesting flavors that you have never had before. Not in the mood for ice cream? Go out for some smoothies or Italian ices in your area to still enjoy a nice cold treat. We all scream for ice cream!

5.       Indoor Fun

Who says you can’t still enjoy your summer indoors? If the heat is too much for you and your family, there are still plenty of fun things that you can do together. Have a movie marathon where your family can watch your favorite movies together or movies that you have been wanting to see. Go to your local mall and go shopping with your family. When you get home, have your family wear the clothes that you bought and put on a fun fashion show! Make your own dessert by baking together with your family where they can learn how to bake while enjoying a delicious treat. Never let the sun and heat take you and your family away from having a great time in the summer!