Tips to cut your electric bill in half

With the summer heat looming over us, cooling down the house is the first thing on your mind as you look to escape the heat. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to cool down our homes without hiking up the electric bill.

Close the AC Vents

Is nobody using the spare bedroom today? If that's the case then close up the vents! There is no need to pay to cool a room that no one will be in all day!

Close Shades, Drapes or Blinds

You will be surprised how fast the house can cool down when direct sunlight is blocked. Shutting the blinds during the sun's peak hours will leave your house cooler and your electric bill lower!

Thinking of reupholstering that old furniture? Here are some tips!

Turn it off and Unplug!

Don't leave your phone charger plugged in the wall if it isn't charging your phone. Not only will it wear your charger down over time, but it will also waste electricity! Don't leave your television on for background noise. When the show is over turn it off.

Use Fans

Grab a couple fans to plug into the wall or turn on the ceiling fan overhead! Fans help circulate the air and keep the room cooler.

Keep it Clean

Clean your air conditioner’s filters monthly. Dust and dirt can get caught up in the vents and will slow down air flow! So keep the filters clean!