Tips for family fitness

Keep your family fit

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Spending time at home doesn't have to slow physical activity. Get your family going with these fun and easy ideas. 

1. Limit sedentary activities such as television, video games, and computer time to a few hours per day. Remember, TV commercials encourage children to crave the foods they see.

2. Parents should limit their own time in front of the television. This will set a good example for their kids, as well provide increased interaction time.

3. Consider getting in some exercise while watching television (or at least, during commercials), such as doing
 sit-ups, push-ups or running in place. Discourage snacking or eating meals while watching, as well.

4. Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood or play driveway games with your kids, like basketball, hop-scotch and jump rope. 

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5. Have your kids brainstorm a game plan of indoor activities - such as jumping jacks or Simon Says.

6. Remember that your family does not need to get to a health club or buy fancy equipment to be active. Walking is inexpensive and easy. So is designing a backyard obstacle course. Weights can be made from soda or detergent bottles filled with sand or water!

7. Provide positive feedback about your child's lifestyle changes. 

8. Be your child's "exercise buddy." Plan daily walks or bike rides.

Remember, studies show that physical activities and playing sports are the basis of lifelong fitness habits.

Source: American Physical Therapy Association