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Organization leads to less headaches and happier homes

1. Get organized at home. If you know where everything is, you'll eliminate an early morning scramble for car keys, your daughter's shoes, your son's math book ...

Prepare lunches for the next day while you fix dinner or after the kids have gone to bed.

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Have the kids shower or bathe in the evening, and you can lay out their clothes for the next day while they're in the bath.

Before you go to bed, make a mental note of what you'll wear to work, to avoid trying on endless outfits.

Plan what you are going to have for breakfast and set the table the night before.

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Get your kids involved in the routine. Before bedtime, have them clean up their toys in their room or around the house.

To spend more time with your kids, before bedtime read to your child, have your child read to you, or talk about the day and share this special time together.

Kids can also plan menus for the week. This helps you determine what you need to buy and will also give you time together as you discuss it.

Even if you think you have no time left in the day, make time for yourself. Listen to relaxing music, read a book, or take a long bath - or do all three!