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What do you think about what you think?

Have you ever paused your life to consider what you think about your life?

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Have you ever considered that your brain might be offering you lies to think?

The circumstances we are faced with in our lives are neutral until we have a thought about it.

The way we think produces the results around us. Every time. Without fail.

Honestly, this is something we should have been taught in school.

Often times a lot of us get trapped in focusing on what we lack. We focus on not having. We focus on missing out. 

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Once your brain is pointed in a particular direction, it gets really good at being pointed in that direction.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with you. You’ve practiced a particular habit or way of thinking and your brain got super streamlined about it.

There is so much room to change the way you think. There is endless possibility in becoming the person we have always wanted to become.

Once we can unlock the way we are currently thinking and intentionally select a new thought pattern for us to practice, we are truly capable of achieving anything.

Yes. It is this simple. And complicated.

And the other piece of magic is that you have permission (not that you need it!) to think whatever you want about you. So, what will it be?

How about something audacious like, “I am the strongest human being on the planet!”

And/or maybe something inherently true like, “I’m a great mom.”

Because you are.

Ilana Charette is in her early 30s and a wife and mother of 2 littles. She is a stay at home mom and simultaneously building a business from home. She is a life and weight loss coach. She is passionate about teaching women how to trust themselves and their bodies again. 

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