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5 things to do in New Paltz

Spend the day in this Ulster County town

Looking for some fun in Ulster County? New Paltz is full of family friendly things to do. We have rounded up 5 must-do things in this cute little town.

1. Bike, walk or rollerblade along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Passing through orchards, organic farms, lakes, rivers and streams this naturally surfaced trail is a great way to spend the day and also get in some exercise! Bring the kids for an easy bike ride or take a run with your fur baby. Trail uses will discover a wide variety of birds and wildlife along their way as well as stunning views of the valley.

2. Take riding lessons at Payne Farm Too. Enjoy the fresh air and views all from atop a majestic animal. Take a ride on their 100 acre family owned dairy and horse farm.

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3. Pick-your-own fruit at Dressel Farms. Throughout the summer, Dressel Farms is known for their strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries. Come fall, they carry the classic staples like apples and pumpkins. They also harvest pears, squash and even Chinese Chestnuts. Take a sip of their hard cider made from only Dressel apples. Check out the farm stand for fresh, local produce.

4. Take a hike at Mohonk Mountain. Get into nature with these hikes for all levels. There are over 75 miles to bike, hike, climb or horseback ride. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley.

5. Stroll down Historic Huguenot Street. Open daily from 10am-5pm (except Wednesdays) year round. Take a guided tour for only $15 dollars and experience over 300 years of history. Tours go through historic house museums, a stone church and a replica wigwam.