Enjoy comfort food and a date night atmosphere at the Tomato Café

My husband Tim and I moved to Fishkill in July and with the hustle and bustle of adjusting to a new place, we hadn’t had the chance to scope out any restaurants in town. When we finally did have an opportunity for a night out, we decided to try a local café that we have been driving past for four months on Main Street: The Tomato Café. The Café is easily spotted by a bright red awning and bistro style tables outside on the sidewalk in the heart of Fishkill Village.

Walking in, we were greeted by a waitress who gave us our choice of the tables. We chose a table towards the back of the 24-seat dining room. There were red sconces lining the walls which created a romantic dining experience, perfect for our date night.

Is eggplant salad comfort food?


Once seated, we got our dinner in gear by perusing the drink menu. The Tomato Café recently got their beer and wine license, so they were well stocked. Tim ordered a Sam Adams and I had a glass of Pinot Noir. We looked at the menu for a few minutes and since we were starving, and decided to order some appetizers. I had the classic Tomato Café Soup and Tim ordered the Café Wings.


Tim would eat wings all the time if he could, and he has no qualms telling you exactly how he feels about them, good or bad. The menu included interesting salads such as a grilled eggplant and classic sandwiches like Café Tuna and chicken and mushroom wedge. There were traditional comfort foods as well, the type of food that I love to eat on a cold, rainy evening or after an exciting and exhausting day.

When our waitress returned she asked if we had any questions. I asked what she recommended as a pasta dish and she said she loved the macaroni and cheese. That was a recommendation that I couldn’t pass up. Tim decided on the penne pesto.


Once our orders were placed, we were left to take in the restaurant’s decor. We enjoyed looking around the restaurant and noticed all the little touches, such as the deli style clear cases which held beautiful looking cakes and pastries. Our appetizers arrived quickly. The steamy tomato soup was a perfect way to start a meal after a long and cold day. Tim reported that his wings were great and they had a good crunch to the skin.

Generous portions and tempting desserts

A few minutes after we finished our appetizers, our pasta dishes arrived. My macaroni and cheese was incredible. The dish had four different cheeses blended into velvety, goodness with crunchy bacon pieces sprinkled on top. It was a mix of sweet with the cheese and salty with the bacon. Tim said that his penne pesto was the “best" he's ever had.

After getting halfway through our entrees we started to get full so we decided to take the remaining portion home and move on to dessert. We ordered homemade gelatos. I had café bianco (vanilla with coffee) and Tim had mint chocolate chip. The portions were huge. We should have shared one order, but enjoyed indulging in our choices. We ending up taking home our leftovers and had them for lunch the following day. The meal was still delicious. Oh how I love leftovers! Overall, our meal left us more than satisfied and Tim and I can’t wait to go back.